More Letters ....I love to get 'em


I have know Linda for many years and she is honest and a wonderful breeder.

Karen DeAngelo

Linda has beautiful shihtzu babies. Linda is very knowledgable with her breed of furbabies. I definately recommend her for your next furbaby

Sonja Slattery

she seriously cares and takes care of all her babies their very loved and healthy. I consider myself blessed to have my baby I was leary at first but I wouldn't consider anyone else to buy a pup from linda. my Scarlett is amazing we love her so.

Gail Powell

OMG she is here!!! She is the most beautiful of all!! Thank you.
You have meticulous records and it is so appreciated.
We have decided to name her Lady for her Beauty, charm and style.
I am keeping her in a separate pen until I take her to the Vetís on Monday.
I look forward to sending you pictures as she grows.
Thanks again!!!! Belen Nicholson








Took Oliver to the vet today. He is perfectly healthy! He is the best and we just love him so much.

Jessica Bryson

This past week Riley turned two and Boomer turned six.  We wanted to share a birthday picture with you and to let you know how adorable they are. Denise and Laura Ventimiglia


Linda I want to thank you again for my little "Lotus", she is just a doll, and has fit in very well here. She is going to be one special little girl to this Shih Tzu family. I will send pics of her as she grows. We are very proud to own a Balogh baby.



 Hereís a  picture of Sadie. Thatís the name we gave to the beautiful puppy we bought from you.

We took Sadie to the Vetís on Tuesday and she was given a clean bill of health. She weighed in at 1.13 lbs.

She received her next set of shots, wormed ,  stool sample, and her nails cut. She was a perfect angel until they cut her nails. She didnít like that one bit.


Skip Bieber

Prestige Foods N.E. Div.

15018 Hillcrest Ln.

Shelby Twp., Mi 48315

Hi Linda:

I just love looking at your new babies.  Little Miss Thumbelina is a tiny one - but so chubby!  They are all so cute!!!
My Rosie is now a big girl of 7 years old.  It sure doesn't seem like it's been that long already.  She just seems to get more wonderful with each passing day.  I truly can't imagine my life without her.  She gives me kisses in the morning, when I come home and several times during the evening and then before we go to sleep.  Her nickname is Velcro cause wherever you are, that's where she wants to be - can't even go potty without her checking on me, geesh!
Well, just wanted to say, Hi and thanks again for letting me become Rosie's mommy.  Best present I ever got in my entire life.
A. Fran Fowler
AAAS Secretary
Room 1 Morrill Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI 48824
Phone: 517/432-0869
Fax: 517/432-6246


Hi, Linda this is Diane long time no hear. I see you have been very busy. I wanted to call you and talk to you about my mom and a puppy. She said about a month ago  she wanted a puppy. I told her I knew just the person to get the puppy from, because I had research and built a relationship with you.  Can you email e back and let me know when is a good time to call you. Have a blessed night. You can call me any time on my cell phone 313-XXXXXXX
Hi Linda,
Mulligan sends his love to his first Mom.
Thank you for being such a wonderful breeder.  Because of you we have our little guy who brings us such love and laughs.  He is so wonderful with our Grand Kids, and everyone else he meets.  He will be 5yr. old on July 15th and is doing so well.
Please feel free to give my number to anyone who is thinking of getting a puppy from you, I would love to tell anyone how great you are!
Mulligan would love your Calendula, Chamomile & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar as his gift from you and he thanks you very much!
Linda Mannino
20243 Van Antwerp
Harper Woods, Mi  48225


            We got our dog Boomer from you almost four years ago now, and we were wondering when would be a good time to come visit.  By the way, he is precious! Heís the best dog: calm, loving, and cute!  E-mail me back and let me know when we can visit.  Pictures of him are attached.

                                                                                                            The Ventimiglias

Hi Linda!  I bought one of your puppies back in February.  I met you in
Sagninaw to pick him up.....Well just a note to let you know how things
are going.  He's name is Pepper and now is 6 months old.  I recently had
pictures taken of him at 5 months old and would like to send you one for
your collection.  I would like to mail it to you but have lost your
address.  If at all possible could I get your address so I may mail it
to you.  He is doing very well.  My mother especially likes to watch
over him, took him all over the neighborhood to let everyone see him!
He is such a good dog and is learning many new tricks.  Will wait to
hear from you and thanks again....
  Paula Andersen  from Muskegon, Michigan


Gizmo (Sir Gizmo Kiyoshi Snapdragon Fatty McButterpants) turned 2 on 11/7/06. Here are some Birthday and Halloween photos of him. (You are welcome to use them if you'd like -- ).
Thank you so much for our baby. He brings sooo much joy and laughter into our lives.
God Bless!

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