The Shih Tzus personality is one of the best and most interesting things about the breed . Shih Tzu have bred in them, years of  entitlement. Entitlement to what?....To everything. One could also interpret the attitude as pride.  In the show ring their beauty emanates. But the proud Shih Tzu will be at ease; knowing the aura and style they possess. 

 They are the star of the home, They bring life, joy and amusement to their home. Shih Tzus thrive on  companionship and people. They want to go everywhere with you, inspire you and please you. They will tolerate kids, but enjoy adults especially. They can manage on their own, but would rather show off their lap warming abilities on everyone. Kisses are part of their daily route. They can get all the exercise they need in an apartment, but also love to be outside with the family.  

  Shih Tzu's main purpose is to be a companion to everyone of all ages. You can see the characteristics of their personality, by just watching them in daily activities. The pride they carry in daily walks and free play-time.  These dogs are sturdy, independent, loving, quiet, playful individuals. They becoming the center of a home; these dogs will go from lap to lap, providing intention to all ages and leaving joy from whomever, they come in contact with. 

Today, Shih Tzu are used a lot in therapy, The little lion dog  is welcomed everywhere; by it's kind sweet face and eager to please attitude. 

They will sleep in or on anything and can get enough exercise in an apartment. Shih Tzu are easy to train to paper, but the key is starting at a young age and being consistent.   They can understand 100's of words. This dog is highly intelligent and will surprise you when you least expect it. 

The Shih Tzu  is  NON- HYPER,  NON-SHEDDING,  Hypoallergenic and  NON-YIPPY....

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