Letters ....I love to get 'em

Dee Dee was a huge success.  My mom cried her eyes out, and they have been inseperable ever since. She named her Holly Berry.   My mom carries her around and if she leaves the room without her Holly yips at her.  She got a ton of new toys and outfits for Christmas and my mom was out the next day buying more for her.  Thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful puppy to give to my mom, and thank you for keeping her for us until Christmas.


We thought you might enjoy this photo of Minty having lots of fun with
our daughter.  He is such a wonderful pet, and we love him so much.
Not sure if you remember us  we met you in Johnstown   Minty was called "Hampster".
We hope you and your family are well.  We have two children and look
forward to adopting another puppy from you when they are a bit older.

  All the best,

Maria Freeman


Hi Linda,


I just want to thank you for such a beautiful puppy! Oh my gosh.. she is almost potty trained already. How did you do it? She loves to play outside with Barney. They are getting along so well.  .We adore her. She is sooo pretty.  She was quite shy at first but now she has a lot of energy! As puppies do.We are getting use to each other and welcoming her into my family.  My grandchildren love to play with her and she is receiving lots and lots of love. Thanks for breeding a great Shi-Tzu!




I have been a shih-tzu breeder since 1986 and became acquainted with Linda Balogh several years ago. I testify to the fact that I know Linda to be a consciences breeder who strives to produce the best possible shih-tzu around. She has been a
colleague of mine, sharing the ups and down of the breeding situations for a long time.  It doesn't matter that we both want business, the welfare of the shih-tzu come before all that and knowledge is shared to better the breed.
   I wish Linda the BEST in breeding and feel free to contact ME for a REFERENCE, as I have her lines and have done business with her. Here is one of the babies from a Mom I got from Linda.. .DO I NEED SAY MORE?

Pawsitively, Karen DeAngelo


hello linda,

ember moon is incredible! you just cannot imagine a more beautiful and perfect shih tzu, or a more perfect dog of any kind for that matter. if i had the patience for or the interest in the show dog world,  i am convinced she would win best in show every time. her coat is thick and shiny. her bite is perfect. she is short and cobby and her tail setting is of course, perfect. she weighs nine pounds, has some red hues in her black coat and best of all is her fantastic temperament. i would pretty much fly to the ends of the earth for this girl. the thirteen hour trips to michigan and back seem small scale for the worth of this little one. 

she and i are incredibly tight. she reads my mind and goes where  i go, including the bathroom. she gets along well with the other three  dogs, and does this very low growl to tell them who is boss when they are fighting over something very valuable such as a pair of my dirty underwear to chew on, YUCK! but it is her favourite. she has been very patient with me as i have taught myself how to groom her and the others. until recently i was doing a top knot, but she always had it out within a couple of hours. i have now trimmed it around her eyes which is no small feat as she doesn't like scissors near her eyes so i have to wait until she is napping and am able to clip one tiny bit at a time. 

it is really quite impossible for me to express what a joy she is to me. when i was seven or eight i had a golden retriever that was also "my dog", as shown by her strong preference to be with me over anyone else in the family. one week my parents went away and our british grandmother was caring for us. she felt that dogs should  be kept outside. after a day or two of separation from me my retriever went wandering and was shot dead on a neighboring farm. i was devastated and never thought i would have a companion who loved me as much in all my life. ember moon, 'emmie' has been that companion  to me and i have been beyond blessed by her love. 

thank you for your gift to me, for breeding and more importantly loving your dogs the way you do. 
any person blessed to be loved by a balogh shih tzu can count themselves as one of the luckiest people in the world.


ylva kristin ellerbeck

vancouver island's balogh babies biggest fan

Hello Linda,
It was a week ago today that we brought our Shih-Tzu to her new home in Ann Arbor!   I just wanted to give you a quick update and send you some pictures.  She has been called everything from Sweetie to Baby to Sugar.  We've decided to call her Sugar...though the other names get mixed in all the  time.  In the pictures, you will see Patty and our Golden Retriever, Rosey, our other Shih-Tzu, Pootie, and of course Sugar.  She is doing great!  Both our dogs adapted  to Sugar pretty quickly and, for her part, Sugar is ready for a  romp with the other two at any time.  She has been amazing ab out doing her business outside.  She is very smart and a quick learner so the house breaking has gone smoothly.  More importantly, she has brought the energy and joy back into our house that was gone after we lost our other Shih-Tzu.  We couldn't be happier to have her and it appears she is happy with her new home, as well.  By the way, Patty had her in to  see the vet a couple days after we brought her home and she checked out fine.  Patty will be sending you the information.
We are very grateful that Sugar was available to us and she is getting plenty of love in her new family.  Enjoy the pics...we'll check in with you from time to time.  Thanks!!
Mike Seagram
Hi Linda,
Long time no email! I've been emailing  with Sandy and she said I should send you an updated pic of Mocha that you would enjoy seeing him. sooo here he is!
I can not thank you enough for him he is awesome! I tell everyone where I got him. I recommend you all time.
He's temperament is wonderful! Toby is  doing great as well. You were very honest with me and did right by me and I do the same that is one of the things that makes for a great breeder. Thank you for your example. Sandy trust Diane and my  judgment and in return she purchased puppies from you because you were an honest breeder the return was greater than the loss .
Diane said you came through Richmond this summer. If you come through again and you get a chance I would  love for you to stop bye.
Well I need to get going for now!
I hope you have a great day!


Susa n just can't get enough of our babies! She has many generations,.. she doesn't breed, just loves and spoils them all rotton!! I believe  she may even have one or two of our grand puppies not pictured here

Hello, How are you?
Just wanted  to send you some new pictures, so you can see Savannah in her sweater..
She is doing good, everyone that sees her loves her..
Well I hope  all is well with you Hope you have a happy Holiday.I will send you our Christmas picture w/ her and the kids as soon as we make it
Take care

Hey Linda

Just wanted to show how BowWow has grown. Since we've had him, he has gotten 4 hair cuts. He now weighs 4 1/2 lbs. and he's doing well. The girls absolutely love him.  Thank you for such a good puppy and keep up the good work.
Your Friend
Tresia Muhammad

Hello Linda,

 I just wanted to write and let you know the little boy Charlie I got from you is doing wonderful,  I could not of asked for a better little boy! He is not all that little but I call him my little boy lol. And he has such a great personality, he is just a sweetheart and feel very l ucky to have found him. I have took some pictures of him the other day and thought I would send you some so you could see how much he  has grown and how beautiful he is, thanks again for my little lover .



I just met Barbara Heart with Tashi at a Garden and Pet Store in  Lake Bluff, Illinois.  Tashi is the CUTEST DOG in the whole world!  My husband and I  were cat owners for years until our son developed allergies to anima l hair (CATS and HORSES and some dogs).  I have considered trying a small, 'hypo-allergenic' dog, but thought I would wait until  our son left for college in a couple of years...I will need a major distraction, as we have only one child, and the house will beco me very quiet.
Standard poodles were recommended to us, however, I prefer a smaller dog. 
Tashi was NOT hyper and progressing very nicely with her obedience training...she was also NOT a barker, as some small dogs are so YAPPY.
I just fell in love with her.
THANKS FOR LISTENING.  Barbara sent me an email with your website and I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how sweet little Ta shi is...and how happy Barbara is.  There was a group of us sitting on the floor around Tashi in the store...holding her and admiring her.  I think she REALLY LIKED the attention!
Rita Meland
Lake Forest, Illinois

I have a blue male that I bought from you and he is
beautiful.& I very much would like to get a chocolate
female.  Can you put me on the waiting list?  I would
appreciate it . 
  My little blue male is small and the most handsome little
boy ever! & I love him to pieces!  You have wonderful puppies.
Thank you
in California



He is absolutely perfect!! I thank you so much for him. He is adjusting well. He is very playful and loves the boys. He had his first play date with Ava's girls today. He is  very frisky and loves to growl and nip at them (a true man). He will be registered under my name Lorie Balbosa. I have decided to change his name to James as it seems that he answers to it all ready. Please do not forget to add me to the Chocolate's waiting list. Fyi he uses the wee wee pads all the time!! This is a true testament to the type of care and upbringing your pups get. I have and will all ways  refer any one to you for the best SHIH TZU'S in the world. God Bless


Just wanted to share a photo collage of Gizmo with you, and to thank you once again for such a wonderful puppy. I cannot believe he is already a year old! He has brought such joy to our lives. He is a playful, lovable ball of fur! He is gentle with the kids and very well mannered. As I said before, I know that training plays a part in  this, but I believe that his good temperment comes from good breeding. Thanks again!

Hi Linda,

How are you doing? I thought that I would write to inform you that little Indigo is doing just wonderful as you can see in the pictures. He will be starting advanced training class in the beginning of September.  I must admit  he is a very smart puppy! He already knows all of the basic commands very well, so now I'm starting to teach him little tricks. He is spoil ed rotten, but that's ok, because he is my baby..I spend a lot of time with him and when we go out I get a lot of compliments about him  and about how cute he is and how everyone loves his color. 

I just wanted to say thank you again, for a wonderful puppy.  I will be in touch soon!


Hi Linda , Just wanted  you to see how 2 of your babies are doing.
Benjimen weighs 4 lbs and Prascilla weighs 3.8 lbs. They are getting
along with Delilah and all the cats.. Everything is going fine.

Have a great day
Wayne & Deb
Selinsgrove, Pa.

Hi Linda,

I want to thank you again for such a wonderful addition to our family. Sometime in the future, we'd love to get Gizmo a baby brother or sister, and my husband and I won't even consider adopting from anywhere else....I check your site often and just love all of those cute little puppies!
Thanks again, Linda!


Hi there Linda,
Just wanted to drop you a note and say CHARLIE IS WONDERFUL!!! I adore this little guy :)  What a personality & what a BEAUTY   he is absolutley stunning! All the thanks in the world to you for selling him to me!!!  He is still as tiny as can be!! I dont think he's grown at all...LOL.

Can't wait to hear about the new upcoming babies! After having Charlie I know you are the breeder I have searched for!
Happy Holidays,

Dear Linda,

Thank you so much for giving me such a beautiful baby boy. We love him so much.

Jeanine Greenridge

Hi Linda
I was just too exhausted to lug out my laptop last night.  The little
guy was a prince all the way home all 10 hours.  We got in at 10:30 and
that included a stop at the grocery store.  He either slept  in my
daughters lap ( and sometimes on her chest as she slept also with the
seat reclined back) or he rested QUIETLY in his crate.  I couldn't get
him to eat anything on the way but he seemed very content so I wa sn't
worried,  I gave him water  out of the sippy cup and he liked that.  He
had 2 little accidents in the crate and both times I got off at a rest
stop and cleaned him up right away with the wipes (they are wonderful,
I'll be ordering more...).  It was too cold and wet for him  to be out
to try to potty anyway.  He was so relaxed that at times he  laid in my
daughters arms on his back with his paws up in the air and his head
tossed back snoring!  That was so cute.  
He played, ate and slept last night from 1AM to 7AM this morning.  He
just finished breakfast and his first romp in his new neighborhood.  He
follows me on his leash and I let him romp in the grass which he thought was great.  It is about 45 here.  We are going  to get him a
sweater and leash today.  He is a wonderful and well adjusted little
guy.  We love him dearly already - he loves us and plays well and gives
plenty of kisses - even my boyfriend the "big dogs are the only way to
go guy" is mesmerized.  He charmed the entire block this morning as
folks were heading to work.  I can't get more than 5 steps without
everyone making over him.  He is cuter than his pictures did justice
for him!  He just makes us laugh to look at him.  That  face is
priceless.   I couldn't be more pleased.  Thank you for breeding such wonderful contributions to the breed.

Hi Linda,

    Wishing you some happy holidays, and a quick Maia update. She is turning a beautiful silver creme color.  She is a bout 8.5 lbs., and is spoiled rotten, as all tzus should be!  She is preparing for a trip to Florida after the holidays, and hopefully her coat won't bother her too much!!  We will  send you some beach pics!!  Anyway, thanks again :o)


Hi Linda,

 Just wanted to  send you a more recent picture of Chloe (Bogie and Pikachu's daughter). She is such a delight to have.  At 10 months, she now weig hs 8 lbs.  She's spoiled rotten, thanks to her Daddy, but then  with a face like that, who wouldn't love her.  I made her an Xmas coat and she pranced all over town wearing it.  It was so funny. 

Happy Holidays

Hi Linda,
It was very nice meeting you and your family yesterday. I wanted  to let you know that Charlie Brown did wonderful his first night here! He is eating and drinking great, and he is spunkier than ever :)
I was very impressed with your shih tzu's. They are all very beau tiful dogs. Charlie is one of the most beautiful pups I have seen in a  long time, and with working at a vet I see alot of shih tzu puppies!!  I will keep you updated on his growth and his life long journey wit h us. I look forward to purchasing my next puppy from you. I fell in love with all of your dogs (especially Rolo) and my husband like Caramel. You have a great bunch a furbabies!!!
We have decided to keep his name Charlie Brown...it fits him well and he knows his name, thats very important.  I just adore the little guy!!!!!!
Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!! I love forward to talking wit h you and visiting you again!!!
Thressa (and Charlie Brown)


Hello Linda,

Well, it has been a year since "Boo" has come to live with us and our lives have not been the same since. She is the most perfect little girl anyone could want, so loving and trusting and all around perfect with the best temperament. Since my husband and I are retired now we have bee n able to watch her grow daily into the lovely gal she is today. She immediately wins the heart of everyone she sees and is especially fond of children.

Boo has a beautiful coat and I am trying very hard to keep her is full coat which is not easy  since she is somewhat of a tom boy. She loves rolling in the grass an d mulch and running under the shrubs. She always has some kind of plant or leaves stuck to her long flowing locks.

I know that her temperament, good looks and personality is all the product of good breeding  and care and for this I thank you. Keep up the good work.


Hi Linda,

Wanted you to see our beloved Dudley he'll be 7 months in May. We just
adore the big lug, he's the sweetest thing. Thanks so much for creating such a healthy, happy puppy.  He's very smart but no common sense!


Have I told you lately how thankful I am that he is in my life.  He has really made a bad situation with my mother a great outcome.  He is just a big light in the sky, that brighten up anyone life.I took him over a friends house to show off.  They tried to puppy snatch him.  They think he is the greatest thing like me; He got along with their dog a Japanese Chin and they played till  they both fell down.  He isn't afraid of anything.  The vacuum cleaner, mop, heights nothing.  He still hasn't made a mess  in the house.  I went out and when I got back he didn't bounce around so I asked him if he needed to go outside.  He just s at with his head up at me looking as if he was going to float away.&  I think he was afraid to move for fear he would get too excited and pee.  As I was opening up the outer door he started to squirm and tried to jump out of my hands he had to goooooooo.  Got him  on the snow and he just stood there peed and then showed how happy he was to see me.  He is such a good boy.  I just  love him to death.

Simon visiting my parents. My Mom wants to steal him, I think my dad is even worse, he held him most of the time I was there. You did a wonderful job of raising this puppy, nothing scares him...the hair dryer, the dishwasher, the clothes dryer. That is what I like about a breeder, puppies are raised in their home and they are used to so many things already. He is  going to make me a great little buddy. He already finds something of mine and curls up on it if I'm out of the house. I adore this boy.


Thought you might enjoy a pic or two of Simon. He loves to play in the snow........for a few minutes! He is a very sweet boy, very loving and a real lap hound.

Lori Nichols


Hello Linda,

The family and I are just in love with our puppy "Olie" that we got from you.  He has adjusted well, and is now able to sleep in my bed with me. (without any mishaps~).  He is a wonderful pup.  I thought you would like an update, as I k now you loved him too..  But, I just thought I would say hello and thank you for this little guy.

HI Linda,

I just wanted to say Hi, and send you a pic of Bogie's daughter, my sweetheart Dominique . I know that I always love to get feedback on my creations, so I though you would enjoy a new pic of her. Her coat is stunning. She is  an absolute joy to behold. She has a very gentle and loving  personality, and is always by my side. Many thanks to you and Barbie for creating such a wonderful masterpiece, and thank you for sharing her with me. Happy New Year!!



Hi Linda.

     This is Carl & Johanna from Rochester Hills we are the parents of Holly
 She was bought for us Christmas 2003 by my son Dr. Michael
Armstrong. He ask me to forward him your website because he knows somebody
who would like a puppies. Holly is the very BEST dog we have ever had. She
is Flawless in everyway. You may use my letter away you want. I know how
much you care about your puppies that's is why I am giving you  this 2004
update. Take Care, Carl & Ann Armstrong

Dear Linda


Thank you for meeting with us and going out of your way this past Friday.  We hav e both been very impressed with your generosity, from giving us all  the wonderful things that our puppy is familiar with (he loves his bed!!), to the level of confidence in our little scruff nugget.  In the short space of time since we have had him, he has warmed up our home and made us laugh and smile so much.  He is truly a happy dog and, that is a testament to you, and your hard work, he is used to people and the normal noise s of our home, and isnt scared to be himself. 


Once again thank you for all your hard work in raising such a delightful puppy, and we would be happy to recommend you to anyone.  Perhaps some day we can get a little brother or sister for him!


Best regards,

Maria & Joel

We are calling him Minty.   In England there is a show called EastEnders, Minty is cuddly gangster w ith a heart of gold, and thats how our Minty is, tries to be tough but is really soft on the inside.


Photos to follow soon cant get him to sit still long enough!

Maria Freeman

Linda - This is a long overdue thank you for our puppy.  She is the absolute love of our life.  Our grandchildren love her too and love to come and visit just to play with her.  She is healthy and lively and almost house trained.  We have very few accidents now and most of them are our fault for not listening to her.  She is trained to a wire type kennl so she can see everything that is going on.  But that is where she chooses to sleep and where she goes I think to be safe.  We close the door only at night.  She has had all her shots and gets regular grooming and vet attention.  The groomer told us that she is very self assured and confident and that it would take her two or three months to train us.  She is doing quite well in that regard.  I get up first in the morning and take her out.  By the way, we call her Luci Liu after another wonderful Chinese American.  Lucy was also my grandmother's name.  I know it is hard for you to part with your babies but  it must make it easier to know how much joy they bring to the lives of those lucky enough to adopt them.  Thank you again an d you may rest assured that you will have all of our references for those who are looking for puppies.  Warm regards,     -Don Bays-

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