• Feed a balanced diet. We feed and recommend Diamond Naturals for Small Breeds

  • Groom as demanded by coat type and dog's habits

  • Observe general external appearance, attitude, activity, and appetite.  Any change may indicate a need for a complete physical examination.

  • Remove stool from yard or kennel, observe stool, and, if possible, also observe the urine.

  • Clean teeth, if necessary


  • Examine for external parasites and treat as necessary

  • Examine ears

  • Clean teeth if necessary

  • Bathe, if necessary

Every Two Weeks

  • Check toenail length and appearance and trim, if necessary

  • Examine teeth if weekly cleaning is not necessary

  • Bathe, if necessary


  • Examine mammary glands

  • Bathe, if necessary

Every Six Months

  • Perform a complete physical examination if one has not been indicated earlier

  • Take a fecal sample to your veterinarian, particularly if there is an internal parasite problem in your area


  • See your veterinarian for a physical examination and booster vaccinations as necessary


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